HAPPY 2017!!

Happy 2017 internet!

It’s a new year and another new start to all the things we’re gonna say we’re gonna do and then most likely never complete and/or start said things. Since I’m a realist, I decided to go about 2017 in a different way.

I am currently sitting at my desk with my lemon and ginger tea (when I would much rather have a glass of wine), working on my “blog” (haven’t wrote enough for this to count) and listening to Hamilton, deciding to finally get starting on my:


Instead of doing stuff like “I’m gonna go to the gym every day” (no you’re not) or “I’m not going to eat sugar” (yes you fucking are) I decided to make a list of goals that I would like to learn as a bright young woman of 25. My birthday just recently passed and I figured I should get started on these goals.

What’s nice about setting goals after your birthday is that there is no official start day. With New Year resolutions you have to start on day 1. If you don’t then that’s literally an automatic fail. Then it’s just depressing. At least this way I can decide to do whatever goal I want for a year. It is impossible to complete all these in a single day. This way I am self growing as a person or whatever. And if I don’t complete all 25 goals that’s ok! I have TWENTY-FIVE things to do. That’s insanity. I mean, goals are great but I still have shit to do like: work, be an active participant in my relationship, pet my dogs, drink, talk my friends off the edge, school again in September, be talked off the edge by my friends, hang out with my sister, and perhaps like do other things that my completely sober brain can’t think of at the moment. But if I can cross up to ten things off this list I think that that would be an amazing way to spend my 25th year on this earth.

Anyway, here are the shitty things I wanna do this year.

  1. Become a (serious) vegetarian again
  2. Go to PEI
  3. Get 3 new tattoos
  4. Go to the Biodome in Montreal
  5. Don’t get take-out for a month
  6. Renew my passport
  7. Get my G1 (shut up)
  8. Go on a hike with my BFF
  9. Host a fancy dinner party (that I live through)
  10. Learn how to knit mittens
  11. Go camping
  12. Go up North
  13. Learn how to knit a shawl
  14. Harry Potter Marathon (movies)
  15. Go on a boat
  16. Join a sport team
  17. Go to a play at the NAC
  18. Volunteer
  19. Go to a talk
  20. Make my own wine
  21. Write up  min. 12 new blogs (one down!!)
  22. Finish my 52 book goal
  23. Don’t drink pop
  24. Fly in a helicopter
  25. Learn how to crotchet

So some of these are much more likely than others, but hey! If you don’t dream big then what’s the fucking point?